2021 – Agile around the world

2021 - Agile around the world


Patrick Steyaert

The Agile Capabilities Model

Yves Vervloesem

The New New MBA - Master of Business Agility

Valérie Wattelle

Cracking the code of your tough decisions with Agility

Diego Quesada-Allué

Agile around the world in the public sector

Eliana Philip-Amulum

Psychological Safety

Koen Vastmans

Build-Run-Improve-Repeat - a game about implementing and improving your DevOps cycle

Tomasz Wykowski

Why your scaling Scrum fails

Johanna Rothman

Modern Management - Adapt Management to Enable Business Agility

Johanna Rothman

Create a Career Ladder for Vertical and Lateral Movement

Arne Ahlander Kurt Nielsen

How to Organize for Radical Improvement through Transparency and Collaboration

Shane Hastie

Ethics of Agile Coaching

Brock Argue - Erkan Kadir

Integrated Agile - How to gracefully manage the reality of agile mixed with waterfall

Oana Juncu

Accessing our collective fears to reach shared leadership, purpose driven Agile organisations and Product Ownership

Deepti Jani

State of Agile Transformation in India - Understanding Your Team - The Compass Activity

Heitor Roriz

Reinventing the greatest invention of the last 120 years

Jan De Baere

Work smarter not harder

Aanu Gopald

Agility in Africa

Aanu Gopald

Agility in Africa - discussion

Peter Stevens

3 secrets of agile leaders

Ardita Karaj

Business Agility without focusing on frameworks

Pia-Maria Thorén

The Psychological Safety Game

Mary Poppendieck

Too Much of a Good Thing - Finding the Balance

Juan Banda

Descaling agile teams

Naveen Kumar Singh

Enable transparency through an effective product backlog

Soledad Pinter

Heart of Agile

Hendrik Esser

Fit for Purpose

Steve Holyer

Continuous Agile Chartering